Dress by Mila and Sustainability

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Moreover, clothing is often produced under distressed conditions in low-wage countries. So the need for sustainability is very high considering clothing production has increased enormously worldwide in recent years. At the same time, clothing that is worn out is being thrown away at faster rate.

‘Fast fashion’ is all about producing large quantities of clothing as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, cheap, disposable fashion comes at a high price: poor working conditions, exploitation, child labor and environmental pollution.

Dress by Mila does not follow the frenetic pace of today’s fashion industry. For us, a garment is anything but a disposable item. We think carefully about the production of our dresses and try to do this as honestly and sustainably as possible. With us you won’t find frequently changing collections. Sewing a dress takes a lot of work and all our dresses are made with love and attention. Dress by Mila consciously opts for timeless design and permanent collections. We hope that our dresses are treated with care so they will last as long as possible.


Fair and ethical production

  • Our dresses are made in our studio in Amsterdam.
  • Our dresses stand for quality and craftsmanship thanks to our skilled and dedicated craftspeople.



  • Dress by Mila designs a permanent collection of comfortable and timeless dresses.
  • Thanks to the fit and flexible sizes, our dresses will last a long time.


Environmentally friendly

  • Our dresses are produced in Amsterdam. That means less transport and therefore less CO2 emissions.
  • We work with small editions. Because of this there is no overproduction, no unnecessary stock and as little waste as possible.
  • We use sustainable materials as much as possible.
  • Plastic free packaging.

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