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It all started in Bali. My husband and I were walking with our 10-year-old daughter Mila through a small fishing village, away from the crowds. We were looking for a nice lunch spot when Mila suddenly pulled on my shirt. “I love those dresses!” she said and pointed to a small boutique across the street with colorful dresses hanging outside. She tried one on, looked at herself in the mirror, and did not take it off for most of our trip. It became her favorite dress.

Back in the Netherlands, Mila still wanted to wear the dress almost every day. On hot days with flip flops and on cooler days with leggings or a cardigan. Generally, Mila is not always the easiest when it comes to her clothes.  She wants to be comfortable and also look cute. And that’s what is so nice about this dress, it’s super comfortable and ideal for all body types thanks to a great, smooth fit.

That’s how we started Dress by Mila and from the beginning our mission has been to create a dress that will not only make Mila happy but will make every girl happy!
With our creative and enthusiastic team, we strive to design the perfect dress. A dress that looks great and fits every body type. A dress with a beautiful and comfortable fit that can last over multiple years. In short, the ideal dress for every occasion.

Our Dress by Mila comes in two styles: the summer dress and the all-season dress. All our dresses are handmade in our Amsterdam studio. For the first collection we chose soft (organic) cotton fabrics.
Our Cotton Collection is available for girls from about 4 to 14 years old.



We are happy to announce, our summer dress is now also available for women. After we launched our collection of girl’s summer dresses, it became clear that many women wanted a quality, comfortable dress as well. So by popular request, we added a ‘one size’ women’s dress to our collection. Shop your daughter’s favorite dress now for you too! You can choose the same print as your daughter, so the two of you will be sure to steal the show this summer!

Our Story

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